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MasterCoach Country Distributor Programme

Growing Managers As Confident Coaches to Lead the New Generation Workforce

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World's First Workplace Coaching App

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1. MasterCoachX - What It Is, Who We Are

Managers Becoming Coaches - can have such a powerful impact on work cultures.


MasterCoachX brings the best of our coaching innovations to equip workplace managers with the 'irreducible minimum' to become effective coaches to their teams -

1. The MasterCoach App is the world's first workplace coaching app. It offers managers simple action tools to empower employee performance in 3 steps - DISCOVER and activate strengths, DEVELOP insights-led actions, DEDICATE to follow through to impact.

2. Our fully online Enterprise Coaching Programme carries the official recognition of the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP). It features our field-tested 'Coach in 10 Minutes' Model designed to help managers fit coaching into their tight schedules & regular performance check-ins with team members. The ISCP confers Affiliate Membership to all leaders who successfully complete the course (free-of-charge).


We partner with amazing organizations including a Nasdaq-listed tech decacorn, the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency, and a broad spectrum of growth-focused organizations to equip managers as confident coaches.

2. Appointing Distributors in Key Global Markets

The post-pandemic world has opened up. Coaching and training programmes are rapidly resuming. To stand out and succeed in today's highly-saturated global training industry - coaches, trainers and consulting firms are seeking ways to differentiate their service offerings.

MasterCoachX distinguishes coaching and training businesses with - (1) international recognition through our ISCP-recognized programme, and (2) unique proprietary Coaching Tech designed to supercharge the coach-client partnership and coaching ROI.

We are seeking to appoint suitable MasterCoachX Distributors in key markets, who are keen to bring a globally recognized, tech-powered online coach certification to workplace managers, business coaches and training professionals in your countries.

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3. What We Are Looking For In a MasterCoachX Distributor

The ideal MasterCoachX Distributor firstly embodies 'the heart of a coach', and has a proven track record in championing coaching in the workplace.

The ideal Distributor is likely to be a well-reputed, successful coaching, training and/or business consulting company, which also places a significant emphasis on harnessing innovation and technology to enhance their coaching offering to clients.

Finally, the ideal Distributor is dynamic and believes in the strategic value of bolting a scalable coaching product to their existing business offering.

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