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MasterCoach Insights

Because Your Coaching & Training ROI Matters

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For the Forward-looking Organisation that Wants to:

  • Maximise ROI on Leadership Development

  • Bolt Sustainability to Your Training Initiatives

  • Grow a Coaching Culture - with Success

MasterCoach Insights

offers 24/7 self-service access to real-time, data-driven insights on managers' coaching efficacy & the impact their coaching is making on employee performance, growth & success.

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How Frequently are

Managers Coaching

How Many Employees are Managers Coaching

What is the Rate of Completion of Goals & Action Steps

Senior Management can quickly & comprehensively review the ROI & business impact that coaching & training are making - on a convenient one-page summary:

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Insights You Can Act On:

  • Recognise those managers who are actively coaching & making a positive difference. Invite them to lead the way as 'coaching culture advocates & champions'.

  • Identify those who require further support to put coaching skills into consistent practice. Encourage them to keep coaching & celebrate progress with them.

  • Facilitate robust post-training application of coaching skills across your manager cohorts.

  • Update Senior Management on the State of Coaching Culture in your organisation & Coaching ROI, supported by real-time data*.

*MasterCoach Insights preserves strict coaching confidentiality. Its reports present aggregated insights & information related to work goals that constitutes shared knowledge between employees & management (eg. performance goals & action steps). The details of coaching conversations are kept strictly confidential & are fully excluded from the reports.

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