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How MasterCoach De-Mystifies the Coaching Process

Featuring: ALBERT YU MBA MS, Organizational Development

MasterCoach Regional Partner

Former Operations Director, World Vision International (China) and Regional Communications Director, World Vision International (East Asia)

1. What is the value that the MasterCoach App and Programme can create for leaders and organisations?

The MasterCoach App and Programme brings the world of coaching from a high-minded concept into the real business landscape. It provides leaders and managers with a powerful hands-on tool to drive impactful conversations that aim to build individual capabilities, which will ultimately lift overall employee engagement and organization-wide performance.  Especially for those who do not have a coaching background or come from coaching cultures, the MasterCoach App and Programme de-mystifies the coaching process and provides an intuitive interface to help managers guide their teams to greater insight, deepened learning, and higher performance outcomes. 

2. How are you using the MasterCoach App? How is it benefitting you as a coach and your coaching clients?

I appreciate the strengths-based approach that enables coaches to help clients discover their current strengths, how to leverage them in the situations they face, and also how to build up new strengths to further advance their performance and careers.

The app is especially useful for facilitating coach-to-coachee interactions between sessions. The app has allowed me, as a coach, to monitor and track my clients' progress closely, which provides another means for keeping my clients accountable to their stated action steps and goals. The bank of questions included in the app are also very helpful for my client session preparations. 

3. How would you describe your MasterCoach Certification Programme experience? What were your biggest takeaways?

The MasterCoach Certification Workshop was a helpful refresher of key coaching skills and introduction to the MasterCoach App. These will enable me to catalyse workforce managers to strengthen engagement with their teams through better conversations.

The combination of offline skills and online tools on offer makes the practice of coaching accessible and grounded in real world experience.

What I enjoyed most was learning alongside like-minded leaders, consultants, and coaches who see MasterCoach as the latest opportunity to unleash human potential through the use of this cutting-edge platform.

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