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MasterCoach Showcase (Oct 2018)

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Christina Lee Shares How This 'Coaching Tech' is Revolutionizing the Way Leaders Lead.

1. Please share with us briefly what you do.

I lead Paradigm 360, a North Carolina-based global coach training and consulting firm that’s passionate about building world-class leaders.

Paradigm 360 has successfully developed and certified hundreds of coaches throughout the United States and our newly-formed international division has training connections in Spain, Ukraine and various countries in Africa.

We also partner the US Federal Government and run a 15-week flagship coaching program for federal leaders, who then return to their respective agencies to incorporate coaching and use it to catalyse high engagement and performance across employees and teams.

2. How are you using the MasterCoach App in your leadership training and coaching work?

We caught the vision and practical usefulness of a ‘coaching app’, and have embedded the MasterCoach App into three of our key leadership coaching programs. We plan to offer an app-enabled program at our next run with the US Federal Government and other client-organizations.

We are also lining up a showcase on MasterCoach to our alumni of more than 300 certified coaches at our upcoming quarterly business event. Why are we doing this? Quite simply because MasterCoach is a tool and platform that no other companies have an equivalent solution to. It gives coaching entrepreneurs a unique edge and the perfect asset to scale their business because no one has it.

Another thing we would like to embark on is to build a comprehensive list of opportunities to use both the MasterCoach App and its companion Enterprise Coaching Programme in North America, and offer this to business executives – not just professional coaches – to build trust, authenticity and coaching competencies in teams and organizations.

3. We designed MasterCoach to encourage every leader and manager to coach with confidence.  Which MasterCoach features will be most helpful to achieve this objective?

The in-app library of 300 coaching questions. With questions curated for different organizational tasks such as performance management, leading change and interviews, it will have great appeal among business managers and coaches. HR could also be empowered with those interview questions at their fingertips.

New coaches tend to struggle with questions. The Coaching Questions Library will provide a sense of security to them and support them in coaching and asking good questions right from the start. I also appreciate that questions can be curated and saved onto personalised clipboards meant for individual clients. These can be conveniently pulled out for reference and use at coaching appointments with them.

The other thing I really like is being able to build customized Strengths Wheels for different clients. Most of the assessment tools/wheels in the market today are generic and prescribed. Being able to build a wheel that’s specific to each client’s role and goal is fantastic.

Finally, it’s just useful that clients can update the coach on their action steps in real-time.

4. What is the biggest challenge to building a coaching culture in organizations today? How do we get around this?

Organizational leaders have to be intentional about wanting to create a culture of coaching and empowerment, otherwise coaching is just another great idea. Change has to start, and be modelled, from the top.

We can be more successful in engaging the commitment of top leaders in implementing a workplace coaching culture if there is an easier way to do it. As I see it, technology needs to be brought into the picture to simplify and scale the practice of coaching across whole populations of busy managers. On this note, I believe MasterCoach could provide the ‘How’ to accomplishing this.

5. How has MasterCoach changed or enhanced the way you coach compared to previously without it?

The ease of using it. And having all my coaching resources and client data in one place. Let me share an example:

MasterCoach allows my client and I to build a list of action steps together as we speak, and the moment I conclude the session on the app, it automatically saves my notes and sends the agreed actions to my client’s phone for reference and progress-tracking. I don’t have to do anything else. It saves me time.

6. What would you say to leaders and organizations who are considering to use MasterCoach to build a culture of coaching and empowerment?

Baby boomers have retired. Gen X-ers are gradually getting there. If we are going to effectively engage the millennials who already form one-third of the global workforce today, we have to be able to lead from a standpoint of technology. Young leaders and junior executives are tech-savvy and chances are they don’t want to run around with pencil and paper.

Also, MasterCoach supports a creative approach of engaging and leading people, and we all know that this approach works far better with people, especially young people, than the ‘telling’ approach.

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