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Disrupting the Workplace Coaching Space with Accelerated Coach Training + App

Updated: Jul 17, 2019


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Principal Leadership Coach, ACEsence / Business Coach with BetterUp

1. What is the value that the MasterCoach App and Programme can create for leaders and organisations?

MasterCoach offers a practical way for organisational leaders to adopt a coaching-based leadership approach and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving business environment. Specifically, the MasterCoach App + Programme equips leaders with the skills to coach their team well and be more effective people managers.

Leaders can now acquire a version of coaching fit for the workplace, apply it and see results fast, without having to be bogged down with time-consuming and costly coach training meant for professional level coaching.

It is a fact that most organisational managers are not working towards becoming professional coaches, but more effective leaders - who have the confidence, skills and tools to engage their people and grow high-performing teams.

2. How are you using the MasterCoach App? How is it benefitting you as a coach and your coaching clients?

I am using the app with my clients who range from their late 20s to late 40s. Their lives are well-integrated with technology, and to add a coaching app to the array of apps they are using is very easy.

As all my clients are busy professionals, some of them struggle with following through with the actions we have set at our coaching sessions.

As I input their proposed actions into the MasterCoach App, these show up on a Dashboard on their 'MasterCoach Client App' - which all my clients can download for free. This encourages them to complete their actions and assess their own progress quantitatively along the way. I have seen how this increases their motivation and commitment towards following through and driving change.

3. How would you describe your MasterCoach Certification Programme experience? What were your biggest takeaways?

It is encouraging to see that coaching skills for leaders is now more easily attainable than in the past. The programme is so well-designed and the framework lowers the barrier to entry for leaders to embrace a new leadership style - the coaching style - which is so essential to lead in a VUCA business world.

By harnessing the power of technology, the team behind the MasterCoach Programme has changed the market - truly walking the talk and redefining learning beyond 'one-off', by offering a practical app to support leaders to empower their teams, engage and retain talent - with sustained success.

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